While on a packed subway, two strangers bond over their shared love for music and rhythm.




Laurent (Jonathan Dubsky) is a displaced French-Canadian student who spends his daily commute air drumming to the music on his MP3 player. This attracts the attention of another drummer, Method (Lindsay Owen-Pierre) – an East-African immigrant. Despite an inability to speak the other’s language, the two strike up a conversation. Realizing their shared passion for rhythm, Method initiates a drumming lesson on the packed subway, one that breaks language and cultural barriers.
Watch the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/105873472


Written by Adrien Benson
co-Directed by Adrien Benson
co-Directed by Elaine Poon
Executive Producer Samuel Plante
Producer Farah Merani


Jonathan Dubsky as Laurent
Lindsay Owen Pierre as Method
Farah Merani as Passagère
John Nelles as Le businessman
Rong Fu, Asante Tracey, Jess Salguiero, Julian Peter as Les amis

Festivals and Awards

Austin Film Festival (2014)

Toronto International Short Film Festival (2014)

Sedona Film Festival, Arizona (2015)

Vancouver International Women’s Film Festival (2015)

Garden State Film Festival, New Jersey (2015)

Reel World Film Festival, Toronto (2015)